For You

 For you I hold all the secrets of the magic forest. Our eyes see all. Collect us and we shall show you all the mysteries we hold.   

Mother Collects

  Working for a dark and mysterious power, mother collects her monsters. Using a bird, she recently killed, for a vase to hold her beauties. You'll get a rather sharp surprise if you try to go near.

Update: Upcoming projects, life and more!

Hey all! I know I haven't really been keeping up with this blog as much as I can. I wish I had more time to just sit and type whats been going on, so here is a bit of an update! If your not already following me on Instagram, please do-There you'll get to see behind the scenes looks of creations on working on and more! Follow me @Deadluvart   So life has just been crazy, there are times every one has where it all just seems non-stop. That's pretty much where I'm at currently. Still juggling two jobs-my art which one day I pray to be able to do full time and my job at the zoo! Don't get me wrong I love my zoo family but living with all this hand pain from overworking it-gets old at times. I know one day I'll have to make a choice, but for now ill keep gimping along.   So I have been working on a few different things currently. One is a super huge secret, so that's all I can say about that, more on that next year! I've also been working on a few doggy p

New City, New Art - Progress marches on

So my husband and I have been here in Denver now for about 9 months now and we are loving it! Now don't get me wrong, living in the mountains was amazing and we both definitely needed that, but change is great and I couldn't live life without a little now and then. Plus it was time for Ben and I to really start our own future.   From the moment we drove into Colorado I felt like I was home, I feeling I was not as familiar with as I wanted. This place was amazing, visual and just down right inspiring. There just seems to be a general caring for here. The environment is just clean and vast. Anyways I could go on and on. Moving here has kick started the passion for creativity again, the excitement for the future and what it holds. So my goal has been to try and dive into the art scene here and get into as many art shows as possible. I do have to remind myself that we are still settling in and to pace myself but I'm ready to hit the ground running.   I will be apart of the

October Mountain Adventure - Silver Dollar Lake / Guanella Pass Colorado

One of my friends and I took an adventure to the mountains the other day! We headed toward Georgetown. Our mission: Hiking Silver Dollar Lake and enjoying the lovely views of Guanella Pass. We happened to come at the perfect time as this was the last time of the year to see the leaves change. Coming from the Appalachian mountains of Georgia these views were so amazing yet so different. Its crazy to think about all the natural wonders that are just out there waiting for you to explore!  Well needless to say it was a wonderful trip. We went off-roading in my friends little KIA and saw a peep show we were maybe not ready for! The trail was poorly marked so we veered off a little on our own adventure but eventually we made it to the lake! What a sight to be seen and me naturally I just want to jump on in. Heading the cold weather I opted out of my thought to dive.   Afterwards we headed down the pass to Idaho Springs where we enjoyed a couple brews and some yummy fare at Tommy Knocker

Sneak Creep

Here are some sneak previews on some new pieces I'm working on, just got started today so work in progress! Keep checkin out my blog for more exclusive looks and finished products!!! Tell me what you think!!! #DeadLoveArt