Wednesday, July 4, 2012


  So a few weeks ago my Fiance and I were talking about different ideas for painting. I ask him for help sometimes because he always comes up with something great, and hes not even an artist, go

  Anyways he was telling me how I should work on something with complete contrast, something that doesn't really go together. Of course he suggested me doing a bottle of Jack, seeing as Jack Daniels is his favorite. So I said " okay, but whats the contrasts with Jack??" "Pink", he says..and BOOM idea...that easy.

  Well anyways, my story telling abilities are kinda horrible. The point of all this is that, I am working on a pink background Jack Daniels painting. Ive finished everything minus the wording, which I am to be o so careful with...seeing as last time I accidentally painted over one of the E's in Tennessee and gifted Ben a misspelled painting!

Here are some inspirational photo's for now..the real thing should be up a little later today, fingers crossed!

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