Sunday, August 19, 2012

My What Big Eyes

Well hey there everyone!
Just finished a new painting. This piece is inspired by red riding hood. I had posted a couple weeks ago some inspirational photos I had found on red riding hood.

This was done on Canvas with mostly acrylic paint. I'm so glad to finally have this done! Let me tell you, painting free hand swirls, is no fun! I do like the way it came out, all of my paintings have imperfections, but that's the great beauty of "done by hand" art. So much art is done digitally these days, but I am true to my calling. I love the way the girl came out. Rarely do I actually draw eyes with details...but they came out well...a little anime looking, but I don't really mind it. Well enough of my rambling!

If you'd like to purchase this, or any other of my pieces, please check out my Etsy!

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Hope you like and more Dead Love Art to come!

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