Monday, October 1, 2012


Well October has arrived!!! Let me tell you what, I'm hella excited. This time of the year is my all time favorite!!! If there was a universe where October/Fall was year round, I'd move there.

   My love with the strange and creepy is launched into an "All-out Freak-Out Fest" each year. I'm not sure where this first started, but whithin the haze of horror movies and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, a love was born.

   I know some of you are like "Okay this bitch is cray", but a lot of you totes knows where I'm coming from. Well anyways, point to this post is I'm hella stoked on Fall and October, I might go broke buying too many skull themed things, Gain like 10 lbs from too much pumpkin pie, and get inspired for a bad ass painting by all that is around, so watch out!!!

 Here are some photo's of things I love, along with "Guess that Skull"
Okay, Now Guess this Skull: