Monday, November 12, 2012


  So its that time of the year, Christmas is coming and gift ideas are flying around! Ive been working on a few gift paintings for some family members!

   Currently I am working a two robots for my niece and nephew! My sister in law and her family are moving and I thought what a great idea to gift some great new art to hang in their new home!

  So far the robots are coming out great! ( Pictures soon to come, cant give it away yet!). Originally I was struggling with the robots eyes and what color to make them. I thought about doing glow in the dark eyes, because I'm on a glow in the dark kick, but I think that will scare the little ones!

  Colors are Blue, Yellow, and Silver for the boy one and Pink, purple and silver for the girl! As always my mediums are watercolor and acrylic paint! I really love the way they are turning out and hopefully I will have some pictures up soon!

  All I know is I cant wait to see their little face light up when they open their gifts!

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