Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Soon to come!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to keep you updated on things to come!

I finally finished my gift painting I was working on, let me tell you...its rad! My blog spot will be the ONLY place you will be able to see pictures, so keep a look out! They should be up in a few days! 

As far as future projects, I have a lot going on! Going to start another big sea painting, with a parrot fish and a big sea monster! Im also working on paintings of animals, and some more skull/ skeleton paintings!!! I have so many great ideas and a great new light box my husband bult, so Im ready to start busting out some sick stuff!

Christmas is right around the corner and I will be crazy busy, so I don't for see anything be done until January!

I also just want to take the time to thank all of my followers! All nine of you! Thank you for the support and love, please pass on my blog to friends! The more people i have the better Dead Love Art will be!!!

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So stop by and tell a friend!

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