Sunday, December 2, 2012

Exclusive Look

Hey everyone!

  So I'm totally taking a risk by putting this up! I hope that the person this is for does not see any of this! I couldn't help but share because of its pure badassness!! So check it out!
 I don't have a title for this, put pretty much the description is a Skeleton Unicorn (Glow in the Dark) With snakes coming out of his mouth, that are the color of the rainbow! I think its pretty metal..heh. The Skeleton unicorn came from inspiration to a similar drawing I found on the Internet. I DID NOT copy this. I took the base of the drawing and added my own touch. Everything of mine is hand drawn and painted. Nothing scanned, digitally made, or anything like that! Usually with my paintings, they are 100% me....but this was a gift not for sale.


  1. Love You!!! At some point your walls will be covered with art your badass cousin made