Sunday, January 13, 2013

Free Hand

  So I have been trying to do some free hand painting in my spare time! Working at the Zoo has been great, but it keeps me busy! I was used to having 4 days off, now I only have it's a lot harder to work on extra things!

  But I push here is a small painting I did last weekend and a sketch for a big painting I am planning! You will proably see a lot of these post for a while...small paintings and sketches is all I really have time for!

  The painting is inspired by my back yard. Dark foggy nights are the best in the mountains... I painted this all free hand with acrylic hand has always been a challenge for me...mostly because I am O.C.D., so most of the time I draw on my canvas and then paint...I have been trying to challenge myself and I like what came out!
I have also been working on a sea monster for another large painting I am working is what I came up with. I got a lot of inspiration from my favorite monster drawing artist, Don Kenn.
Well I hope you have enjoyed! More updates to come soon! Until then check out my Etsy to purchase any paintings seen on here, or message me for a custom piece!