Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life & Lessons

So recently I have been working on expanding my painting knowledge. I never went to art school and have never taken an painting classes.( that's called natural talent baby, LOL) I've been wanting to try some new things, but sometimes have no effin clue what I'm doing!

So YouTube has been a life saver, you can learn so much on-line! Some of it was silly, and some really encouraging...silly because I'm thinking things are harder then they actually are and encouraging because sometimes my artist self-esteem is just not there..I'm hoping once I get things in order and start painting more, I will feel more confident.

Well, I have been working on a new "dark forest" piece. Done with acrylic and watercolor. This project made me realize I also need to get some new brushes and supplies!

 I have tons of ideas that I just have not had the time to start! This coming month is going to be a crazy one. My niece & nephew are coming for a week, my sister for another couple days, then going to South Carolina for a much needed vacation, Art party at Up Your Fancy ( Flyer posted below), ending it all with my fiance's cousin's wedding in Alabama! What a whirlwind it will be!

I'm hoping to really keep up with this blog and hopefully will have some new pictures of my art, life and adventures!

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