Saturday, February 8, 2014

Soon to Come: Mermaid Painting

So I am currently working on another mermaid piece! This time I tried going for something more realistic than my last mermaid. The background was painted the other day using blues and greens with a little touch of sparkle ( Gotta have it). Well this is a work in progress, but here are some pictures of the process!

Here is the original sketch done on two pieces of paper.
Next is the background, that was a lot of fun..backgrounds are always my favorite, its really freeing!
Here are the colors I am using for her hair, lighter red mixed with neon orange to make it pop and crimson red to add some depth!
For the tail I will start off with this darker green I have mixed with sparkly paint left over from a corn hole project with my sister! Then later on I will add on the light greens to make the scales!
Then I had to make sure I liked the stencil I was going to use for the scales, this should work great! I also love working with watercolor pencils, they are amazing!

So here is what I have so far!! Check back in a couple weeks for more updates!
If your interested in a custom painting, please feel free to visit my Facebook or Etsy and send me a message!
Kay D

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