Saturday, October 3, 2015

October Mountain Adventure - Silver Dollar Lake / Guanella Pass Colorado

One of my friends and I took an adventure to the mountains the other day! We headed toward Georgetown. Our mission: Hiking Silver Dollar Lake and enjoying the lovely views of Guanella Pass. We happened to come at the perfect time as this was the last time of the year to see the leaves change. Coming from the Appalachian mountains of Georgia these views were so amazing yet so different. Its crazy to think about all the natural wonders that are just out there waiting for you to explore!

 Well needless to say it was a wonderful trip. We went off-roading in my friends little KIA and saw a peep show we were maybe not ready for! The trail was poorly marked so we veered off a little on our own adventure but eventually we made it to the lake! What a sight to be seen and me naturally I just want to jump on in. Heading the cold weather I opted out of my thought to dive.

  Afterwards we headed down the pass to Idaho Springs where we enjoyed a couple brews and some yummy fare at Tommy Knocker Brewery! The perfect end to a perfect adventure! Here are some amazing photos I shot while exploring. Prints are available for sale on

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